Welcome, Parents and Students!

The title Co-op is an abbreviated form of the word cooperation. It comes to English from the Latin word "cooperātus"which means, “to work with”. This sums up the scope and ministry of the Central Brevard Christian Co-op. It consists of parents, tutors, and students working with each other to foster a successful learning environment.

Homeschool families seeking to provide an enrichment opportunity for their students, that included high quality academics and affordability in a Christian environment, established the Central Brevard Christian Co-op nearly 20 years ago. The Co-op, in the simplest terms, is a structured tutoring service with prescribed curricula and schedules. It is based at Club Zion Church in Cocoa Beach.

The course offerings for the 2017-2018 school year are extensive; we encourage you to explore the website and consider joining us, as we work together to train up our children.


Questions??  If you need a helping hand, don't be afraid to reach out to

Melissa Murrish our Co-op Director!  --at-- mdmurrish@gmail.com

OR, our Assistant Director--Tyler Ross --at-- tyler.ross.coop@gmail.com

just as he said.  

He is not here:

-Matt. 28:6

We're here to help students learn and grow.

Co-op~Quality Tutoring, Enjoyable Learning, Friendships & Fun...

for he is risen,


 Central Brevard Christian Co-op

meets at  

Club Zion Community Church

830 S. Atlantic Ave.

Cocoa Beach, FL 32931


Co-op Meets on Thursdays 

From 8:30-2:00pm